Image of The Flame of Keld

rating: 1.0

This is one of the most-argued about cards so far, as many people see a lot higher upside in it than I do. Basically, I see this as a hyper-situational Tormenting Voice + Trumpet Blast, with the slight bonus of making your burn spells deal +2 damage on the final turn as well. It just seems too hard to have a position where your hand is empty and you have sufficient board presence to make this great, especially since it doesn’t increase toughness on your creatures. Maybe really aggressive decks end up digging this, but it looks too hard to set up and not rewarding enough when you do. Let’s see how this fares, and maybe I put it in my underrated set re-review (though here’s where the game is rigged—I admit when I get cards wrong, but all those yelling about how great this is tend to fade quietly into the night, which I guess is what I sign up for by writing these).

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