Image of Storm Sculptor

rating: 2.0

Now this is an interesting one. A 3/2 that can’t be blocked is very powerful, and this nominally has a drawback of bouncing one of your creatures in order to make up for that (note that this will bounce itself if it’s your only creature). But bouncing creatures with good enters-the-battlefield abilities seems like a natural fit, making Storm Sculptor a powerful engine and a substantial threat. I like this card, though some decks won’t be able to play it (decks that are creature-light or have too high a curve). Decks with a low curve or lots of synergy will easily be able to sculpt games where this is awesome, and I think this may be the most interesting common to evaluate. Its value is going to fluctuate wildly, and figuring out when you want it will be a way to gain a good edge.

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