Image of Crafty Cutpurse

rating: 1.5

The flavor on this card is great, until you steal a Dinosaur token all of a sudden. The joke is that you steal Treasure tokens, though it does work against anything. When this card is good, it’s unbelievable, especially when you slam it in response to something like Queen’s Commission or the enrage on a Raptor Hatchling. Stealing Treasure is solid too, and if this manages to hit, you’ll be very happy. Of course, it will also be a 2/2 for 4 many games, which is a real downside. It’s also kind of brutal when you pass with 4 mana up and they don’t play a token-maker, so keep that in mind when playing with this. High-upside cards do tend to trick people, and this is about as swingy as it gets. It’s an excellent sideboard card, even if you don’t end up maindecking it.

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