Image of Form of the Dinosaur

rating: 3.5

While Form of the Dinosaur may be a little risky, the payoff is enormous. It’s a 6-drop that catches you up instantly by setting your life to 15, which means that you can be aggressive about taking damage early. Once you untap, you get to hunt down their biggest creature, and continue down the line, though if your life total gets low, you might start eating small things instead. The drawback is that you have to fight, so your primal instincts may get you killed if they keep playing creatures. The key with this is to end the game after playing it, which makes it a little different than most control finishers. The power level is here, but you do need some creatures to close out the game before you run out of life points. It’s also nice with life gain, and bounce/removal can help you avoid dying to the ability. Of note, you can also target a creature then bounce or kill it with a spell in response, which will prevent you from taking the damage.

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