Image of Tetzimoc, Primal Death

rating: 4.5

This seems like one of the most demotivating statements you can hear in this format, and when you hear it once, you have the pleasure of hearing it many more times over the course of the game. There’s just not much you can do to play around Tetzimoc, as it’s not like a normal Wrath—it’s a Plague Wind. You can’t hold creatures back because there’s nothing stopping your opponent from playing their creatures and getting ahead on board, meaning you need to play enough to not get overrun. At that point, Tetzimoc goes hunting and takes out multiple creatures, which is almost impossible to come back from. This is a beating, and that’s without even factoring the 6/6 deathtouch part, which is decidedly relevant. This may be the best card in the set, which is especially rough when it’s a rare.

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